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Rasul Majid Rashid known as Rasul Taibat, born in 1966 in Erbil, he has established Barz company for general trading in 2002, in a very. small office with a very big vision, alone. Rasul Khoshnaw started working while he was 14 year old, after loosing his father, as he and his two brothers has no other choice, he had to work after the school.time while he was studying in his secondary stage.

Due to the hard situations he had, he was obligated to leave the school to work full time at this early stage in his life.after several years of working for people in different jobs, then he started his own job in his. early 20s.

He firstly stated contracting business, then trading cigarettes, then he established his own company for general trading in 2002. The mission was to serve then trade, he established the first private hospital in Erbil and the whole area,  which is still operating, named Rasul Taybat Hospital.Then he opened one of the biggest supermarkets in the city named Barz-Rose super market which was the first of its kind at that time, along with Barz-Rose motel which is still operating.

After that, He established Barz School, then Barz Kindergarten as one of the biggest and most advanced private educational society in Iraq in 2016, with more than 80 classes and 7 buildings.

As he always aims to improve the country he lives in, he started investing in Industrial and Agricultural projects, while he invested in HendSteel in 2018, as one of the biggest steel factory for Steel Rebars and Non-Medical gases.

Furthermore, he established 4 more factories based on Iraq's market needs, Barz steel for steel plete, Barz pipe for steel industrial pipes, Barz Poultry & Egg for producing eggs and Barz concrete for ready-mix concrete.

After all these investments which now estimated by One billion USD, he still works on new investments to help Iraq become a producer country that able to rely on local products and event expert to outside of Iraq, in sectors of Industry and Agriculture.

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